Saturday, October 25, 2008


Quick Update: We have now moved out of ICU to the 8th floor! HALLELUJAH! Here is a pic of Elijah with his Grandma Annie. Please keep in mind we do appreciate the flowers, plants, and gifts but would prefer you donate to The March of Dimes in Elijah's name (Elijah Ezekiel Williams).
Elijah is doing a great job sitting up in his bed trying to come out of his medicine induced stupor. He's taken a fews sips of water and should be on solid foods by Monday or so.
I will continue updating as more info becomes available. Check back often as I try to figure out how to post pictures :op

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mcstitcher said...

Amen!! We continue to keep everyone in our prayers. Love you all so much. Give Elijah hugs and kisses for us.