Thursday, May 7, 2009

All Clear!

My prayer this evening included a special thank you-thank you for the words God has given each of you to pray for my son. It's your prayers, your love, support, and strength, and God's grace that got us to this place.

Elijah's CT Scan was all clear! His hearing test is showing loss but only at the high frequency levels. His blood work is phenomenal-the Dr.s continue to be amazed at how stable his levels are. His energy is off of the charts, his appetite is slowly returning, his hair growing back and he's already gained a half of a pound since his last treatment! We are still struggling with his iron levels and getting him to take his meds.
He will continue bi-weekly blood tests, monthly xrays, quarterly CT Scans, and yearly kidney and hearing tests for quite some time. He has been cleared to return to civilization. HOORAY!!!!! Daycare...WATCH OUT!
I will continue posting every now and again as he has one more unrelated surgery in the next few months.
My heart swells with love and adoration for you all. Thank you Thank you Thank you!