Friday, October 24, 2008

1st Night Post-Op.

Hello Family & Friends. I know this message will find you happy & healthy.

Elijah slept well last night-although he had assistance from a few different pain & sedation meds. He spiked fevers and BP readings over the course of the evening and morning into this afternoon but that is to be expected after such a major surgery.

Thankfully the ventilator was removed today. He has been breathing on his own for awhile and as the previous days pain meds are being flushed through his system, he's slowly coming out of the medicine induced sleep. Unfortunately, he is experiencing some pain but we are able to "push" medication through his epidural to provide some relief.
He's opened his eyes several times, at times he opens them mid-cry, as if he's making certain the voices he's hearing are mommy, daddy, grandma Annie or Nana. I've been able to read his favorite books to him and sing his favorite nursery rhymes, although his neighbors may not be enjoying it all that much. :)

We know you've been diligent with your prayers for Elijah. The voices of his angels are loud and clear as it is apparent in his recovery. We should be moving from ICU tomorrow and can have more visitors at that time.

Thank you for continuing to lift us up.