Thursday, April 29, 2010

Surgery #8! Not Just a "same day"...

Well-what was to be a simple same day surgery - an adenoidectomy and ear tube replacement, turned into an overnight (hopefully just one night) hospital stay.
The short of a long story: We arrived at the hospital at close to 7:00AM this morning, surgery did not begin until 11:00 but was completed by noon. The ear tube replacement was textbook but the adenoids were so enlarged, removal was much more involved than anticipated. As most of you know, Elijah's BPD is cause for concern with anesthesiology prior to every surgery - this time rightfully so. His O2 saturation remained around 85 (low) while his heart rate remained elevated (around 140) after surgery.
Due to the O2 complications we stayed in recovery well into the evening. Unfortunately, once his O2 levels stabilized at 90 (still considered low but not of great concern w/asthma) he spiked a fever - peaking at 102.
We are now in room 523 at Southern Hills Medical Center (our first and prayerfully our last encounter at this hospital) and will remain until his O2 saturation stabilizes at around 95-98 w/out the aid of oxygen and his fever remains below 99.5 for a period of more than 6 hours.
I will keep those of you in contact posted. Thank you for the well-wishes and love. Whatever the battle - Elijah's armor remains impenetrable because of you.