Friday, April 10, 2009


Family & Friends...

Please forgive me for not writing in over a month. Managing a 2 year old and newborn is a bit more challenging than I had anticipated. ;)

Elijah's last outpatient treatment was March 16th and was fairly uneventful. His counts were up as well as his spirits (as usual). His favorite nurse made certain she was there to give his last treatment and to meet his new little brother! A few weeks passed then it was time for his first post-op blood work and CT scan. Although his blood work looked great, he was still not released to daycare so I must continue to monitor his interactions. The CT scan was all clear and will be repeated every 3 months. His blood will need to be drawn every 2 weeks for awhile then monthly then with every CT Scan. We go back for more blood work on the 24th of March as well as a hearing test (as hearing can be affected by the chemotherapy).
Although his appetite is still down, his hair is starting to grow back, his joint pain is lessening and he's running, jumping, playing, laughing, singing, and tiring me out daily!

I will continue to update the blog although it may just be monthly.
Thank you all for your love and prayers. We are immensely Blessed by your presence in our lives.