Monday, October 27, 2008

A New Day!

Dear Loved ones,

Your prayers prevail again!
Elijah's pain has been somewhat suppressed with an aggressive regimen. The pain management team here is great - they've found the right combination to make Elijah much more comfortable.

As my son continues to expand his vocabulary, I find myself asking him things - "who is mama's big boy?" "Where's Daddy?" "Where do we play basketball?" Not one day had gone by that I didn't hear his beautiful little voice. Today was the first day I heard it since Thursday morning. "Mama, Daa-dee, Nana, cookie, and tank-chu". Some people have favorite numbers, favorite days of the week-I now have favorite words...

There were quite a few other accomplishments today-He was able to stand in his bed today! Although he was quite wobbly, he stood, holding on to Nana for a good 15 minutes before falling asleep (see pic). He also had his first meal. It's a good thing he's been sedated b/c had he known he hadn't eaten since Wednesday afternoon, we would all be begging for an "aggressive regimen of pain management"! :)

The only "unfortunate event" of the day was the IV incident. Apparently his IV came out of his ankle which would not have been cause for concern except his pain meds are being administered through a demand pump-through the IV. So once again he had to have a visit with the "IV Therapy Specialist". Elijah found absolutely nothing "special" about the specialist.

We should be home by Wednesday. Our sincere gratitude and love to you all.

Pray for Pain Relief

I've added a few albums of Pics of Elijah:

After more than 6 hours of shear agony, Elijah is finally resting. The epidural has eased its way out and what was once a numb area with no indication of trauma other than a large surgical scar, now is a source of concern for all and intense pain with every deep breath for Elijah. Over the course of several hours he has received Morphine, Toradol, and Lortab. What finally gave him relief? An intravenous dose of Benadryl! Although he's been asleep for less than 30 minutes, I'm now hopeful his pain will subside with each passing hour.

Anesthesia has been called for a new consult in the morning to assess the source of the pain (the intensity and location may indicate more than the obvious).

As always you are appreciated and cherished. Please continue sending out your love and prayers.