Thursday, October 15, 2009

Last Surgery...Done!!!!

Friends & Family, The time between posts is more and more lengthy. Please know that I think of you all often but this is truly a case of no news is good news!

Elijah had his last surgery (prayerfully) on September 12th. He had 2 surgeons working on 2 different areas during the surgery. The first surgery was to remove the port that was implanted for Chemotherapy treatments and blood draws. The second was the 3rd and final surgery to correct a urological problem. As of his 1 month check up both were a success! We will not be 100% certain that the later surgery was completely successful until he "pee-pee's in the potty" but that's an entirely new hurdle mama has not begun to approach just yet.
Elijah is doing really really well. Diego (and occasionally Dora) rule the world and he's rarely without his guitar in hand. We haven't figured out how he learned to "Rock-Out" as he says, kicking his leg up while strumming the new Elijah-sized guitar daddy bought him but I have a feeling lessons are in his near future.
He's still loving his little brother. However, the more mobile Jacob becomes the more intolerable big brother is becoming!

When God revealed the cancer in my baby's body, it was the size of a softball. It was attacking his liver and closing in on his gallbladder. Had it not been discovered the chance of removing it completely would have gone down to less than 25%. When he went into surgery, there were 2 cancerous masses, both able to be completely removed along with 1/2 of his liver, which by the way regenerated to 90% in less than 6 months. During chemo, he was along side children older and younger than he, some with less of a chemotherapy regimen but many with a much more vigorous and arduous journey. Elijah is cancer free, healthy, happy and beautiful. By His Mercy and Grace I'm going to be here to see him fight with and protect his little brother, get in trouble and do well in school, break hearts and get his heart broken, make me mad as hell and make me cry with joy, be a success at whatever he chooses, and be a great husband and a dedicated father. I say all of this to say Thank You for seeing him through and watch out for a tremendous future!

My heart still gets heavy at times when I think about how much you care for my precious baby boy. thank you thank you thank you.