Sunday, December 28, 2008

On Hold...

Hello All!

We pray everyone had a Blessed and safe Christmas! We had a wonderful Christmas and I will post a pic or two of Elijah enjoying all of his toys soon.

Here's a pic of my little bald baby and his twin! His daddy vowed to go bald as well-and will stay that way until his "little buddy's" hair grows back.

We were to be admitted for his 2nd cycle of treatment Friday but unfortunately blood tests revealed that he is Neutropenic-meaning he has an abnormally low white blood cell count. He has more than likely been exposed to a virus of some sort that his body must clear before the next round of chemotherapy. With a low white blood cell count he is unable to fight off infection of any kind but thankfully, he is not exhibiting any additional symptoms such as fever, cough or cold so we are hopeful it is just something very minor that will clear in the next few days. We can carry these viruses and pass them to each other and never know it thus why I must limit his exposure to others.

We will go back to the oncology clinic Tuesday morning for testing to verify that the virus is gone and his white blood cell count elevated. If all is well, we will be admitted immediately.

Thank you for the continued support, love and prayers. We especially thank those that sent Elijah gifts, cards, and messages for Christmas. It truly brings our hearts joy to know how loved and adored he is.

All our love-