Monday, October 27, 2008

Pray for Pain Relief

I've added a few albums of Pics of Elijah:

After more than 6 hours of shear agony, Elijah is finally resting. The epidural has eased its way out and what was once a numb area with no indication of trauma other than a large surgical scar, now is a source of concern for all and intense pain with every deep breath for Elijah. Over the course of several hours he has received Morphine, Toradol, and Lortab. What finally gave him relief? An intravenous dose of Benadryl! Although he's been asleep for less than 30 minutes, I'm now hopeful his pain will subside with each passing hour.

Anesthesia has been called for a new consult in the morning to assess the source of the pain (the intensity and location may indicate more than the obvious).

As always you are appreciated and cherished. Please continue sending out your love and prayers.


m2ederson said...

Big hugs and prayers sent to the lil guy. Pain is no joke for an adult so my heart goes out for Elijah. We will continue to focus our prayers for his needs. Take care and much love from us all

mcstitcher said...

We will be praying for fast relief of his pain. We finally told Alison about him and showed her the picture. She is really concerned and went out to buy him some things to "make Baby Elijah feel all better". She told the cashier "this is for BooBoo". Love to you all.

Leslie Ware said...

Dawn, I am praying so hard right now for Elijah and for your whole family. He is one tough cookie and he has proven that since the day he was born. Please let me know if there is anything at all that I can do for you guys.

Love you

Leslie Ware

Valencia said...

Please give Elijah a big hug and kiss. You and Elijah are in my prayers every night.

Anonymous said...

Message from Karli:

"I love Elijah. He's cute."

We all love Elijah and continue to pray for him.

cece said...

Hi Dawn (Angel)

Mom and I continue to lift Elijah up in prayer. It is heartbreaking to hear about the pain he is in. We pray that he will get relief very soon. We look at the picture of his sweet little face every day. While you are taking care of Elijah, please remember to take care of yourself as well. Send our love to Randall and Cousin Margo.


Cece and Cousin Marguerite