Monday, June 8, 2009

Back at school and LOVING IT!

Hello all!
We hope you all are well and enjoying the warmer weather.
Elijah has been back at school for 2 weeks now! The first week was extremely difficult (more so for me I'm sure). Our morning ritual of waking at leisure to Daddy's voice or Sheba's bark, eating a full breakfast, then waiting in anticipation for the next Barney episode was replaced with a firm shake of the alarm clocks' scream, a bag of cheerios and sippie of milk, and a mad dash to get in position to make the 45 minute haul to school before 8am.


Elijah made certain that I knew...EVERY MORNING...that he was supposed to be glued to my hip-not away from me with a bunch of little people that were obviously not going to kiss boo-boos, laugh at his indecipherable banter, and give him free reign over every toy in eyesight.
So although the first week of school was very difficult for Elijah, his second week and start to the third has been much smoother. He awakens with no objection in the morning, he walks his brother to his class then walks mommy to his and even says bye! He's eating well, playing with his friends well, and has been "Very Polite" the teachers say. ;p

Jacob has been having a ball in school. He has the same teacher Elijah did at that age so the spoil factor has gone up exponentially! He's proving to be every bit of the flirt and charmer his brother is.

Elijah's health continues to improve. The last Xray and Blood test (just last Friday) revealed he is recovering well. We are still fighting the anemia/low iron and now have to include hearing tests to the regimen as his last test revealed hearing loss at a high frequency.
We continue to receive well wishes and inquiries and I am so very appreciative. Thank you for your continued love and prayers and I will keep you posted!

~Love Dawn

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Anonymous said...

He looks so super cute and healthy. Auntie Tina the crew send him a big hug.