Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2nd Cycle Down...2 to go!

Hello All & Happy New Year! We pray everyone is enjoying the first week of 2009 in good health and great spirits!
Here is my bald, beautiful and very silly baby at the pediatric oncology clinic Monday.

As you know, Elijah's was unable to be admitted for chemotherapy for over a week now due to very low white blood cell counts. Well his counts were high enough to be admitted for his second cycle Monday. We are truly grateful for the fantastic pediatric oncology team at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. A Doctor recommended an anti-nausea/vomiting regimen called BAD-a combination of Benadryl, Ativan, and Dexamethasone. Although he did have some vomiting and nausea today, it was much less than what plagued his little body during the 1st round of chemo. However, the side effects of the steroid (dexamethasone) was unexpected and almost impossible to handle; extreme mood swings and generally inconsolable outbursts. All things considered, he seems to be feeling really good right now which is an absolute Blessing!

2 cycles down...2 more to go!

All of our Love,


m2ederson said...

He is as cute as ever. I so love his smile!! That is great news that he handled this session a bit better. He is truly under God's watchful eye so blessings will continue to rain down. Love and hugs to you all!
- me and the boys

Anonymous said...

What good news - to be half way through. My prayers continue. Love, m

Anna Phillips said...

I've been checkin' in and thinking about you so much. Elijah looks like a precious angel! I could eat him up. I'm glad things are progressing well and I will continue to pray and pray and pray.

Dana said...

He is absolutely adorable. I'm still praying for him and for your family.

Anonymous said...

Elijah is a tough cookie. He's like a mini-superhero, deflecting the difficulties that come his way. Soon chemo will be only a memory,Elijah will grow his fro' back and continue to enjoy life (with his new bro)as he should. We are so looking forward to that day.
The Johnson's

mcstitcher said...

He looks like a little man in that picture! It's so great to see him being silly. Please give him a hug from me and Ah-eee.

Valencia said...

Oh Elijah looks soo cute and happy. I am glad to see him smile.

Michelle L said...

Elijah looks like a little Randall or maybe it is the other way around but it is truly wonderful to see that big smile. I know that he will do wonderful with the last two treatment as Elijah has angels watching over him. Give him a big hug for me and I need to make arrangement to get something to Elijah.
Love Michelle L

LaTasha said...

Hey Sunshine!! Elijah is too cute. I'm so glad to hear he's doing well. Take care and we'll talk soon!