Thursday, October 16, 2008

Second Message to Our Loved Ones

Family & Friends- I hope this email finds you in great health & spirits.
Here is an update on Elijah:

Elijah was scheduled to have a biopsy this past Tuesday. However the pediatric oncology team proposed that his biopsy be cancelled and his case be put in front of Grand Rounds Wednesday (last night) for discussion.

This “round table” group of 5 oncologists, 3 pediatric surgeons and other clinicians discuss the most delicate/complicated cases and come up with the best possible solution. Due to 1 kidney being smaller, Elijah will undergo more testing next week to validate kidney function. If there is concern, the pediatric urologist may be involved in this surgery-to what extent is still unclear. We’ve learned today that the CT scan revealed a small spot on the right lobe of the liver that does not resemble the tumor - meaning it’s probably a hemangioma. The final decision after the round table discussion was to remove the entire tumor and, due to this small spot, the entire right lobe of the liver without preoperative chemotherapy.

Three scenarios are possible after surgery:
1-The tumor & rt. lobe of liver is removed, tests are performed approximately 2 weeks post op and it is determined that no chemotherapy will be needed but monthly monitoring will take place for up to 1 year.
2- The tumor & rt. lobe of liver is removed and a lesser amount of chemotherapy is administered to ensure all bad cells are eliminated.
3-Only a large portion of the tumor is removed & rt. lobe of liver due to its size, chemotherapy is administered to kill bad cells and to shrink the remaining portion and another surgery is performed to remove the remaining tumor. Chemotherapy post op in this scenario is a great possibility.

Testing for kidney function and a meeting with the surgeon and anesthesiologist will happen this Tuesday. Surgery will be scheduled for Thursday. Recovery could be anywhere from 3-6 weeks and if necessary, chemotherapy will begin after he is fully recovered.

Thanks so much for the prayers, the support, cards and phone messages. I will keep you all posted through email.

Our love to you all

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