Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Good Day!

Our Dear Family & Friends,

The measurement of a good and bad day during Elijah's hospital stay is simple-was he in pain or was he able to rest. Not only was he able to rest, he was able to walk (first time since last Thurs.), sing (we got about 3 encores of row row row your boat), & poop! (which is a major requirement for release).

We will be going home tomorrow-even though his IV has been reconnected due to a lack of fluids.

Here is an explanation of the histology findings. I will be updating the blog daily/weekly as we continue on this journey:
Approx 90% of the cells in & around the tumors were fetal histology-meaning "good cancer cell". This type of cell usually does not regenerate, does not need additional therapy and just needs to be monitored through blood tests. Unfortunately, the 10% of embryonal histology found ("bad cancer") means there is a possibility of regeneration and chemo therapy is the only method of reducing that risk.
Elijah will be going in for surgery to insert a port-o-cath in the next week to 2 weeks. He will then begin chemo-therapy consisting of a 3 day hospital stay and a 4 treatment per week regimen. This "cycle" will occur every 3 weeks for approx. 3 months.

Our prayer for the coming months is that God surrounds Elijah with an impermeable wall of protection where the very high incidence of hearing loss, renal/kidney issues, and neurological problems that result from chemo therapy in his age group - do not affect him. That he remain untouched by the other side effects such as vomiting, nausea, hair loss, loss of appetite/weight loss, etc...and that we remember - whatever he does endure is for a short time and a sacrifice that must be made in order to live a long and healthy life.

Thank you for the hospital visits, the messages, the emails, and voicemails. Your prayers are necessary and appreciated. THANK YOU!


mcstitcher said...

It's great to see Elijah up and about!

Mam said...

Walking, singing, and pooping - all good. Thanks for the progress reports. Prayers continue. Love, m

m2ederson said...

This is a wonderful post and once again proof of God's grace!!! I am excited to see him back to being a happy little boy. Your family is such an inspiration and evidence of how just keeping the faith and remaining positive no matter what life deals produces remarkable outcomes. Our love and prayers are and will be with you all always!!!!
Love me and the boys

Anonymous said...

Most of this is wonderful news and I know that to an extent what Elijah is going to have to go through with the chemo. Elijah is a tough little boy just like his parents and I know he will win this fight. Dawn if there is anything I can do or you just need someone to listen while you scream laugh or cry please know that you can call me anytime day or night. This month I have been cancer free for 12 years and I can't imagine being in your shoes but you and Randall are STRONG and I know your faith in God is very strong and with knowing that and with all your friends Elijah will pull this. Please tell your mom I said hello and I am thinking of her as well. Love Michelle L